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Communal Living at University of Limerick

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Living in residence connects you to the heart of student life. It helps you to make friends, get involved, study and enjoy all that University of Limerick has to offer. 

Communal living is something that not everyone may be used to, especially if it is your first time living away from home. We would like to highlight some information and helpful advice on sharing accommodation with other residents.


Keep your accommodation clean and tidy

  • Village Management TeamClean dishes, pans and utensils after use
  • Sweep, Vaccuum and mop floors
  • Empty rubbish to the bin areas in the Village
  • Recycle all waste and place in the correct bin areas in the Village
  • Report any damages or repairs to reception
  • House inspections are carried out regularly



Stay Safe

  • Always lock bedroom and house/apartment doors
  • Never allow strangers access to a house/apartment
  • Close windows before leaving the room
  • Never walk alone – especially at night
  • Report any suspicious activity to security by telephoning 4600 from the house/apartment telephone


Respect fellow housemates

Consider noise levels – others may be trying to study or sleep while you are not. Avoid inviting strangers or 'friends of friends' back to your house/apartment – any guests invited back will be refused admission unless you have prior authorisation by the Village Manager. As a resident, you undertake full responsibility for their actions.

Where you wish to have an overnight guest, you will require permission from both the Village Manager and your housemates.


Talk to the Village Management

Remember that there is a great support network in your village. If you are having difficulties settling in, getting on with your housemates or you are concerned for another student - the Village Management Team are always on hand to listen and give you advice. All meetings are confidential and discretion is of the utmost priority.


Know what is acceptable behaviour

As with any large student community, 'House Rules' exist to promote a positive community environment. Full details of our Campus Accommodation Code of Conduct are outlined in our Handbook which you will receive prior to arrival.

As a resident on campus at University of Limerick, you will find that we have a zero tolerance policy for antisocial behaviour. Such behaviour impacts negatively on the community and both our Village Management Teams and Campus Security monitor antisocial behaviour very closely.  Property damage, physical or verbal abuse or other behaviour will be refered to our Village Disciplinary Committee where the matter will be investigated. Reported cases can lead to expulsion. A snapshot of our disciplinary process is outlined below:

Disciplinary Process 20/21



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