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Green Living in Residence

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Campus Life Services aims to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment through engaging students in a number of environmental initiatives throughout the term. We are very fortunate in that our campus is located on a beautiful parkland site bordering the river Shannon.

Current environmental initiatives include:

  • Energy saving competitions between villages
  • Recycling of all cardboard, packaging, cans and bottles and improved segregation at source
  • Installation of energy efficient light bulbs in all residences
  • Speaker series and movie nights focusing on global environmental issues
  • Annual participation in World Earth Hour
  • Weekly Farmers' Market on campus promoting local organic produce
  • Introduction of composting of organic waste
  • Pilot project in water conservation
  • Regular campus litter pick ups
  • Swap Shop at the end of term where unwanted items are available for swap instead of disposal
  • We have developed a 'Green Living on Campus Brochure'
  • A bird table is set up in each Village to encourage Biodiversity on campus

If you are interested in getting involved in any of our Green Living events or have ideas on how we can develop our initiatives, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Village Reception for further details.

Click here to read our Green Living on Campus Brochure

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